How to Protect Baby’s Hearing?

As parents, you would never take your baby out in a car without baby seats. Similarly, you do not swim with your baby without putting a life jacket on him. Parents try their level best to make the environment and homes baby-proof. But there are still some safety measures that most parents overlook. Do you ever think about noise pollution, loud sounds, and the effect on your baby's ears? Babies have more sensitive hearing than an adult human. We are here to guide you on how you can protect your baby's hearing.

Why do Babies Require Hearing Protection?


As we know that the body of baby is more sensitive and vulnerable to environmental effects. An adult can bear loud sounds up to 120 decibels. But the loud limit for a baby is just 70 decibels. And if an under-five child experiences sound levels of 85 decibels or more it can cause sound-induced hearing loss in his ears.

Also, frequent noise exposure which leads them to a permanent need for hearing aids. Your baby definitely needs an ear protection when you are planning to go out for a family function, festival, sports event, or concert. And sometimes ear protection is also important at home.

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Potential Hearing Damage Risks


Your baby's hearing protection may appear less important to you when you are in the house. But before skipping let's have a look at some possible hearing damage risks and hazards for babies.

  1. Loud noise from toys that are up to 90 decibels.
  2. Television or high video game volume.
  3. Construction work going on near your house.
  4. High-frequency noise that is only detectable in baby ears.
  5. Appliances used at home such as vacuum cleaners or food mixers.

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Protect Baby’s Hearing with Earmuffs

For the protection of your baby's hearing, earmuffs are the best option. Just like a baby car seat for traveling earmuffs are important to protect the eardrums of your beloved child. Earmuffs are designed to make sure that there should be least or no pressure on the baby's ears and head. The head grip is very comfortable and it doesn't leave a mark on the skin. Your baby will not feel uncomfortable or distressed after wearing earmuffs. To find the best quality Earmuffs for your baby visit JELLSY.

Benefits of Using Earmuffs for Your Baby’s Hearing

Best quality Earmuffs are available at They are valuable because they not only protect your baby from listening to loud noise but also make sure to dissipate high-frequency notes coming from electric devices.

  • You can enjoy family events festivals and concerts with your baby.
  • Protect baby eardrums from construction noise and during flight travels.
  • Earmuffs protect your baby from getting into a bad mood or disturbed sleep.
  • Earmuffs enable you to use noisy appliances in the house without anxiety.

Final Thoughts

We all know that the environment is getting noisy day by day. Adults can somehow bear the loud sounds and their effects on the ears. But for babies it is very difficult to diminish the effects of high decibel sounds from their ears. If you want to protect your baby's hearing and make him, feel comfortable during sleep, family eves, festivals, or in a noisy environment, go ahead and buy a pair of quality earmuffs from JELLSY.


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