Post-Natal Care of Mother

While women are pregnant, we spend a lot of time and energy focusing on how to help them remain healthy. We talk about their nutrition, we talk about exercise, and we talk about their sleep and rest. However, once a woman delivers the baby and the infant comes home, the focus tends to turn toward the baby. Everyone pays all the attention to the baby but mothers have some serious recovery to do. But usually, the attention diverts away from mothers. That's not good for the health of the mother and ultimately for the baby. Let’s have a detailed discussion on the post-natal care of a mother.

Importance of postnatal care of mother


As a mother, you highly need to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Often mothers don't sleep, they skip meals, they don't take any time for themselves or do any enjoyable activities after having a baby. All this affects the health and mindfulness of the mother and also increases the risk of poor outcomes with health and mental well-being. Mothers should be stimulated to focus on themselves after having a baby and encouraged to ask for help.

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Components of Postnatal care of mother

mother care

After a long journey of nine months without any break, now the mother needs to take some rest. Post-natal care of the mother is as important as baby care. Here is a list of essentials for post-natal care of the mother.

1. Help the mother in nursing the baby

The baby may look small but nursing a baby isn’t an easy job. A mother feels tired and weak after giving birth that is why you need to help her take care of the baby. For useful baby care products visit JELLSY.

2. Do not let the mother feel depressed

Mother care

After pregnancy, due to sudden hormonal changes, a woman may feel depressed, sleepless, and extremely tired. She needs support and helps to remain stable. Do not leave her on her own and try to encourage her whenever she feels sad.

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3. Do not overlook any pain or discomfort

Mother care

A very common pain that is called pelvic pain is observed in almost all women after they gave birth. Consult your healthcare professional if this pain makes you extremely uncomfortable. Or buy a belly belt from JELLSY to support your back and pelvic region.

4. Help the mother in feeding the baby


Baby feeds on breast milk for early development. But some babies are not able to suck milk from the nipples. In that case, a mother needs to go for an alternative way. You can buy a breast pump from JELLSY to draw milk and feed the baby.

Final Thoughts

New mothers think they can only sleep when the baby sleeps. But for many of us, we realize that is not always possible. It is important though to prioritize your sleep and other activities. Sometimes you should let other things go and spend time in peace. After giving birth it is not the time when your house should be the cleanest and all the meals must be at home. Focus on yourself, do light exercise, and eat healthy because that will ultimately help your baby’s development.

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