Why Silicone is Safe for Babies?

The immune system of a baby is weaker than a young human and is more susceptible to harmful chemicals and biohazardous material such as plastic. When it comes to baby care products including baby toys and baby utensils parents should wisely choose the stuff that meets the health requirements. You might have used plastic cookware or toys for your baby.

Plastic is highly unsafe and it produces harmful chemicals on heating, these chemicals enter the body of your baby and affect his/her health. If you are in search of a perfect substitute for plastic products you are at the right place. At JELLSY you can find the best grade silicone baby care products. In this article, we will also discuss why silicone is safe for babies.

What is silicone?


Silicone is a polymer made from silica that is naturally found in sand. When silica in the presence of oxygen becomes silicon. Silicone is a polymer while silicon is an element that occurs naturally in the earth's crust, both these are different substances. A non-toxic polymer Silicone is made from silica in the presence of hydrogen and carbon. Silicone is highly safe and free from toxic chemicals that are abundantly present in plastic. Moreover, Silicone is made from a renewable and biologically safe natural resource.

What qualities make silicone safe for babies?

dish silicone for baby

Silicone and its products are recommended for babies because it is a very safe material as compared to plastic. Plastic contains harmful toxins such as Bisphenol and Bisphenol S also known as BPA and BPS. These above-mentioned constituents of plastic release microparticles when used for baby cookware, toys, or tableware. On the other hand, silicone is more durable than plastic as it can stand higher degrees of temperature changes and bear more pressure.

  • Silicone does not release toxic particles.
  • Three times more sustainable and less reactive than plastic.
  • Smooth texture and flexible (do not break easily).
  • Eco-friendly (do not release any harmful waste)

Effect of heat on silicone products vs plastic products.

Plastic damage

According to the International Food and Health Regulatory Authority, food-grade Silicone is considered the safest material for baby products including utensils, toys, liquid feeders, etc. This statement is given after testing the stability of silicone in extreme heat and cold temperature conditions. without releasing any chemical or losing its original form Silicone can easily bear liquid and fat (oil) temperatures over 300F. But plastic releases toxic chemicals when exposed to heat. And also starts melting or becomes soft when hot water or food is poured into a plastic container. Soft plastic is highly unsafe for babies as it releases BPA chemicals and increases plastic contamination in their bodies.

Final Thoughts

Food grade silicone is the safest material and best alternative to plastic. For baby products, glass material can also be used, but it is not durable and breaks immediately when pressure is applied. But Silicone products are becoming popular because they are biologically proven, flexible, lightweight, and have a soft texture. Some people think natural rubber is the best material for teethers or baby utensils, but Silicone is softer and safer because rubber has a rough texture and the baby feels uncomfortable with rubber. For premium quality Silicone baby care products visit JELLSY.


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