About Us

Are you looking for a great way to fulfill all your child’s needs and keep him happy? Jellsy is here to deliver all of that and so much more. Our primary focus with Jellsy is to ensure that parents have direct access to high quality silicone products for babies, mother care and baby care items. We sell everything from nasal aspirators to nail polishers for kids, insulated bags, portable beds, ultrasonic toothbrushes and many others.

We think that by offering kids high quality products, you get to help them grow properly and keep them happy at all times. We understand the challenges that can arise when you take care of your baby and we want to assure you that Jellsy can help you with everything you need, at any given time.

Our story

Our founder is named Adham Oscar and he studied the market via a survey in order to assess the needs of parents all over the US. He soon realized that many items on the market are not baby proof or they contain chemicals that are unhealthy for kids. Which is the reason why he decided to find the right manufacturers and provide parents with high quality products, thus meeting the needs of the market!

We think it’s very important to bring in a large variety of products, because every mother and her child has different needs, and it’s very important for us to fulfill everything adequately. Don’t hesitate and contact us right away if you have any questions, or browse our store for an ever-expanding list of baby products. Avail the opportunity and grab your own high quality baby products today!